About the Lodge

The Sons of Norway Restauration Lodge meets in the evening on the second Tuesday of each month, except August, in the lower level of Our Savior's Lutheran Church, 3634 1st Avenue NE in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Most of the meetings start at 7:00 PM except when a dinner meal is being served, and then they start at 6:00 PM. Click on the Programs tab, above, to find out more on meeting schedules.

2018 Lodge Officers
Lodge Position Officer
President Barbara Erickson
Vice President Lois Shindoll
Secretary Cindy Monroe
Treasurer Arden Shindoll
Membership Secretary Alan Erickson
Social Directors Barb Taylor and Sue Speicher
Cultural Director Marily Olson
Publicity Director Thea O'Grady
Sports and Recreation Verl Lekwa
Newsletter Editors Mary and Bill Durspek
Language Facilitator Tom Naesse
Scholarship Cindy Monroe
Sunshine Coordinator Cheryl Zapf
Musician Sharon Kay Stang
SON Financial Benefits Counselor lcarlson@sofn.com